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Analogue Transformation

I got my old record player down from the attic the other day – and our LPs. Vinyl, you know, which is getting more popular as people (luckily) again start caring about music, quality and ambience. Unfortunately my Goldring Elite’s … Continue reading

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Gen Change

There has been, and is still, so much talk about the different generations, Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z (wonder what the next one will be called), and frankly I am a bit fed up with putting people in boxes based … Continue reading

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Can we get the corporate anti-bodies to join in on our Journey to Digital?

   Change is difficult, it’s about people. As a technologist I thrive on the journey to digital and cannot wait for clients to get there and see all the great stuff they will be able to do for their customers … Continue reading

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The true source of legacy trouble is Windows

It is a common understanding that Mainframes cause a lot of problems due to it’s legacy status. And true, many Mainframe systems need modernization and some get it. The vast majority of the Mainframe systems, though, are backend server systems … Continue reading

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The triple-deep project manager

It is generally accepted that to be successful today you need to be double-deep: deep in technology and deep in your business domain. For project managers (as for all professionals) certifications are important, PRINCE2 or PMP as examples. Sometimes domain … Continue reading

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Why do pilots need visuals? Are we ready for autonomous flying?

Let me start by saying that I am not an avionics expert – I’m a Technologist who fly a lot and am observant and curious. I hope that people who know more about avionics than me will share some of … Continue reading

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We expect and demand great UX

I take bus and train to the office and I used to have two apps to check the status of the service, one for the bus and one for the train – and a third app to plan any trips … Continue reading

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