Gen Change

There has been, and is still, so much talk about the different generations, Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z (wonder what the next one will be called), and frankly I am a bit fed up with putting people in boxes based on their year of birth. Like I never really believed in age segmentation either. All this talk about how your young employees are, and how they are much different from you.

Stereotyping really has to stop. I believe that the characteristics these Gen-whatever get is that of the time they grew up. So assuming that the Gens are like they are said to be is assuming that they are living in a time warp. Of course there are differences in people based on when they were born, what technology they were brought up with and which political agendas there were at the time, but any person who is following trends and who likes change will most likely NOT resemble the typical Gen definition based on their year of birth.

In short most of us who like change and follow trends are probably behaving more like Gen Z than the Gen we are said to belong to based on the year we were born. Especially when it comes to use of technology.


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Double-deep Technologist and Business professional, and climate conscious environmentalist. I transform your business to become digital and more clean.
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1 Response to Gen Change

  1. Hey my friend, I guess I understand where you’re coming from. I do agree stereotyping, allocating humans to boxes, is neglecting people’s capabilities before even trying to understand them. On the other hand – probably a more philosophical / societal discussion – I guess this is part of human nature for a first (instinctive?) classification.
    So in that regard (assuming we’re in agreement here) I really think we all need to accept that humans, being civilized / cultivated by means of social (real life) network + information we receive from social (2nd life) networks, will keep going with the initial ad-hoc classification / categorization.
    The point that really makes the difference (in my own point of view) is the ability to accept the difference. The minute you stop using the categories / boxes you put people in as a measure re bad/worse/same/better/good in comparison to your own values and initial thoughts, that’s exactly when one can start to accept others are just different – and one can learn from that fact.

    => Mind Wide Open is key

    …just my thoughts….

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