Can we get the corporate anti-bodies to join in on our Journey to Digital?

Change is difficult, it’s about people.

As a technologist I thrive on the journey to digital and cannot wait for clients to get there and see all the great stuff they will be able to do for their customers and them selves. As a CSC employee I am very proud of our vision of the #Journey2Digital.

But I do see a lot of resistance. A lot of non-followers out there. The corporate anti-bodies. They want things as they were as it makes them comfortable. Not that things were good but they were predictable. Sometimes predictably bad.

Before we reach the tipping point of any organisation, where the anti-bodies are outnumbered, we will most likely fight harder against these anti-bodies than with getting the digital enterprise up and running.

We who support the Journey to Digital should all become evangelists and talk to the anti-bodies to make them fully understand this new paradigm and what it can do for them, their company and their clients. And that they do not need to be afraid. Every time we get one over we are two stronger and will get a more focused and more joyful journey. Go and talk to your local anti-bodies today!


About sorenhelsted

Double-deep Technologist and Business professional, and climate conscious environmentalist. I transform your business to become digital and more clean.
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