The triple-deep project manager

It is generally accepted that to be successful today you need to be double-deep: deep in technology and deep in your business domain.

For project managers (as for all professionals) certifications are important, PRINCE2 or PMP as examples. Sometimes domain knowledge is also required for the project manager as he or she needs to talk business lingo with the steering group and other stakeholders that historically are “the business”, and understand the business priorities.

However, in todays world the project manager need to understand technology and how technology both impacts the business the project manager acts in as well as the development life cycle processes the new agile technologies enable and sometimes demand in DevOps inspired projects.

While it is important to understand classical project management skills such as project planning and risk management, the way we apply these skills and the tools we use to manage these skills have changed dramatically in the agile world. A Microsoft Project plan and risk management in an excel sheet is not how you get success with your agile projects.

To be a successful business we need the triple-deep project managers and as leaders we need to be aware of this need when educating our project managers and when selecting project managers, especially to our important digital transformation projects.

The project manager who does not embrace the DevOps thinking will soon be history.


About sorenhelsted

Double-deep Technologist and Business professional, and climate conscious environmentalist. I transform your business to become digital and more clean.
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